10 Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve for Any Occasion

We never know when we may need a simple solution to brighten our homes or make our daily lives easier. Practical hacks can come in handy when you don’t have the correct change to unlock a supermarket cart or need to get things shining clean. Often, the solution is right under our noses and solvable with help from various household objects.

1. Use your key to unlock a shopping cart.

Next time you head out to the supermarket, you won’t have to worry about not having the correct change for a shopping cart. A rounded key can be used to unlock your shopping cart instead, which is pretty handy since you’ll always have one on you. Simply put the rounded end of the key where you would normally put a coin, and it should release the cart.

2. Use a penny to make your tulips stand straight.

If you notice that your flowers are starting to droop and look a bit sad, then you can place a penny in the water. The copper in the penny will prove to liven your flowers in no time. Make sure that you cut the leaves off the stems so that none of them are touching the water, as this can impact them.

3. Take photos of your store point cards.

Instead of filling your purse with loyalty and discount cards, you can simply take a photo of them. Take a photo of the bar code on the back, as well as the front of the card, so that you know which bar code belongs to which card. You can then scan this barcode at the store to collect your points and discounts.


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