13 Facts We Had No Idea About, and Now, We Can’t Forget Them

Today, there are many ways to learn something new about the world and ordinary things: you can read books, talk to experts, or google the information. And sometimes, we make small discoveries accidentally, even if we hadn’t thought about these things previously.

Dogs have special buds that can taste water.

Such taste buds on the tip of the tongue are also found in cats, mostly predators. And people don’t have them, so water seems tasteless to us.

There’s a reason why we never see baby pigeons.

It’s simple: most baby pigeons never leave the nest until they have enough feathers and become adults.

Also, the nests are usually in places we can’t see: roofs, bridges, walls of tall buildings. And baby pigeons grow quicker than other birds.

Paris McDonald’s restaurants have reusable glasses and boxes for French fries.

This way, they are trying to reduce the amount of waste which is harmful for the environment. British McDonald’s are also moving to more eco-friendly packs. In some restaurants, people can order hot drinks in reusable glasses from polypropylene that are later sorted, cleaned and disinfected to be used again.


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