13 Tips and Life Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

A few clever life hacks and shortcuts can make our everyday lives much easier, safer, and more enjoyable. But figuring all these tips and tricks out on our own isn’t always possible. Some imaginative people decided to post their findings and little tricks on the internet, once again proving the saying that “sharing is caring.”

1. At a public toilet, always use the inside of the toilet paper.

2. If you forgot to use deodorant, pat your armpits dry and use hand sanitizer on the area to kill the bacteria that causes the smell.

3. Not sharing your toothbrush is a no-brainer, but you shouldn’t share your hairbrush, water bottle, lipstick, or razor either.

4. Don’t leave your toothbrush on your sink uncovered. Put it in a cabinet or cover it with a plastic bag.


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