15+ Breathtaking Landmarks That are Every Instagrammer’s Dream

We have all head about the Seven Wonders of The World, but how about the other landscapes that didn’t make the cut. Fire-breathing bridges, inside gardens with waterfalls, and even a giant pineapple maze! These are truly worthy of visiting and snapping a picture of, to be remembered forever.

1. Golden Bridge, Da Nang

This astounding bridge, located inside the Ba Na Hills Resorts, Da Nang, measures about 150 m long, and stands 1,400 m above sea level. Its 8 arches stretch on for 12.8 m, making this the walk of a lifetime.

What makes this landmark stand out is its seamless merging of nature and architecture, which has been rewarded with plenty of appreciation throughout time. Its unique landscape has inspired designers worldwide, and many couples have chosen this bridge for their wedding photoshoots.

2. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Built in the early 21st century, the archipelago resembles a huge palm tree inside a circle. Incorporating sand from the Persian Gulf, work began in 2001. By 2006 work started on its buildings, ready to welcome residents in 2007.

Palm Jumeirah was supposed to be part of 3 similar offshore residential areas, along with Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, however due to economic issues, they remain unfinished. It’s safe to say that Palm Jumeirah is a sight to be seen, and a unique place to live.

3. Dole Plantation Maze, Hawaii

Dole Plantation’s giant Pineapple Garden Maze was declared the world’s biggest maze in 2008. Located in Hawaii, the maze has been welcoming tourists from all over the world. Stretching for over 3 acres, its paths are crafted with 14,000 Hawaiian plants. Its main attraction is the pineapple located right at the heart of the maze, making it a wonder to witness.

4. Dragon Bridge, Da Nang

This Golden Bridge is not the only landscape feature Da Nang has to offer. This bridge has proven itself to be one of the most sought-after locations to visit, due to its extravagant nature.

The bridge has a dragon running along its whole length (about half a mile), that is more than just a simple iron and concrete statue. It’s done in true dragon fashion, it can breathe fire and water and even change colors at night.


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