17 Popular Tricks That Clearly Demonstrate the Underside of Advertising Photo Shoots

The main task of an advertising photographer is to present the product as well as possible. Many effects are difficult to achieve solely with the right lighting and good composition. That’s why professionals often go to great lengths to make food and drink appear more appetizing, and the effects of cosmetic products more apparent.

Crisp, fluffy pancakes with syrup

To get a good photo of a fluffy stack of baked goods covered in syrup, many photographers use a water-repellent product on the treat. For this purpose, a spray used for different types of fabric is excellent. This product prevents the syrup or sauce from soaking into the pancakes.

If the baked goods look too pale, they are tinted brown around the edges with a special dye. Another method is to use engine oil instead of syrup, it looks much more attractive in pictures.

Fresh, crispy bread

As soon as a fresh bun or loaf of bread is exposed to sunlight, the baked goods begin to stale and dry out. As the photo shoot can take several hours, photographers have to find a way to give the loaves a fresh and fluffy appearance. So, often, the crust is treated with a water-repellent spray, which is usually used to protect the car interior from sunlight and moisture.

Appetizing fried eggs

One of the few dishes that remain edible even after the photo shoot is a fried egg. To make the meal look appealing, raw eggs are first cracked into a fine sieve. This helps get rid of excess moisture. They are then fried in a non-stick pan without any oil. This results in bright whites and no brown crust around the edges.


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