Renee’s Been in a Wheelchair Since 7, but It Didn’t Stop Her From Traveling Around 117 Countries and Setting a Guinness World Record

Many people dream of traveling, but they think it’s something very complex. But some tourists prove that sometimes you just have to start. Renee Bruns is in a wheelchair, but she doesn’t let her disability stop her from discovering the world. She’s been to 117 countries and is not going to stop.

Renee Bruns was born with an undiagnosed condition, which caused her to use a wheelchair since the age of 7. In her childhood, she and her mother traveled to different states in search of the best doctors. It was then that Renee developed a love for traveling and a desire to see the world. By the age of 16, she had visited all the states, and in the meantime, she was diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia. However, Renee refused to let this condition worsen her life.

“I think it’s one of the silver linings of having a disability, I started to see the world from a different perspective.”
Renee Bruns

Renee has traveled to 70 countries and pursued a career as a successful insurance manager. But one day she experienced burnout. She decided to make a change and took a break. She decided to take a year of active travel for herself. In the past, she had traveled with family members or with a significant other. But this time, Renee decided to challenge herself and go alone. In May 2022, she bought a one-way ticket to Bali and started a new life. She honestly admits that she was extremely scared at first, but she was able to overcome it.

“This has always been a dream of mine. I love traveling, but I think it’s more than that for me. It’s about conquering something that most people would think I can’t do.”


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