What’s Wrong With My Cat? People Are Posting Photos Of Their Malfunctioning Felines, And They’re Hilarious

Cats would like us to think that they’re always majestic and mysterious, but as any cat lover knows, that’s not really the case.

In fact, cats tend to get into to the strangest, funniest, most inexplicable situations that leave us wondering what on earth is wrong with these odd little fluffballs.

So: mysterious? Sure. Majestic? Not so much…

And this fact has spurred a whole Reddit group dedicated to derpy kitties. The group is called “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” and is flooded with pictures of goofy cats.

Here are some pics of our favorite little weirdos, so have a look in the gallery below and enjoy their hilariously goofy antics.

1. What are you looking at?


2. A fearsome hunter.


3. This must be the new Picasso.



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