10+ Difficult Scenes From Famous Movies Actors Don’t Even Want to Remember

Perhaps any actor can recall a scene that was especially difficult for them. There may be various reasons: for some, it’s difficult to make nude scenes, and others were physically hurt. The things we do for art…

Renée Zellweger — Judy

After working on the biography Judy about the last year in like of of Judy Garland, Renée Zellweger said that she experienced true terror during the shooting. And was due to the difficult makeup. In order to look as similar to the character as possible, the actress had to wear a special nose cap and artificial teeth.

So, when they were doing the kiss scene between Renée and her movie partner Finn Wittrock, the actress saw that she lost a tip of her fake nose, and the glue it was held by, was on Finn’s face. This sight really shocked Zellweger, but it didn’t stop her from getting an Oscar for her role.

Jonathan Bailey — Bridgerton

The star of Bridgerton, Jonathan Bailey recently remember one of the most awkward moments that happened to him when he was working on season 2. The thing was, costume designers chose clothes that were too tight for him during one of the fencing scenes.

This is what he says about it, “We were wearing plimsolls on quite a dewy morning on the grass and when I went in for my final lunge, my crotch ripped, and it was all on camera. It’s just one of those moments where you suddenly realize you’re being filmed by four different cameras and I just screamed, “This is so embarrassing!’”

Jonathan Bailey — Bridgerton

Another funny but awkward moment in Bridgerton happened during the shooting of the bathroom scene at the beginning of episode 5. The crew put a camera right between Jonathan Bailey’s legs. Now, he laughs when he talks about it, but at the time, he was clearly embarrassed, “There was actually a camera in the water between my legs looking back at me. So it was almost like a water birth”.

His adventures didn’t stop there. After work, the actor went to meet his friends and forgot to take off the thongs he used for the water scenes. At some point, Jonathan felt a big discomfort and realized he had made a mistake. He says he escaped the set too fast.


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