15 Photos Which Prove That Princess Diana’s Life Was far From Easy

Diana rightfully earned the title of «The People’s Princess». It seems that in the 36 years she was given on Earth, she managed to make more people fall in love with her than the entire royal family. And even today, there’s a lot of controversy and discussion surrounding the late princess, and millions of people are interested in her fate. Now we know that in fact, her life, which, to us, may have seemed like a beautiful fairy tale, in reality was a true drama, and sadness often lurked behind her iconic smile.

Diana had a difficult childhood, and she never finished school

Diana was the 4th child out of 5. The relationship between her parents wasn’t easy, and when Diana was 7, their marriage ended. As her brother remembers, their father was a very loving person, but their mother wasn’t cut out for motherhood. So, the father got the custody over the children. Soon, he got married again, but Diana couldn’t build a good relationship with her stepmother. So, the future princess described her childhood as “very unhappy.” Studying wasn’t easy for her. She failed her O-Level exams twice and dropped out of school when she was 16.

Diana had absolutely no plans of becoming a princess

When she met Prince Charles, she was 16, and he was 29. At the time, she was a kindergarten teacher. The future spouses saw each other only 13 times before getting married. When they got married, she was 19, and her husband was already 32.

Based on the opinion of a body language expert, this photo already shows signs of a bad marriage. Diana gently and passively resting her hand palm down on the crook of the Prince’s arm while the prince hides one hand inside his jacket. The expert says, “It’s an early and subtle warning sign of Charles’ lack of commitment. He’s attempting to make the connection less intimate.”

After getting engaged, Diana didn’t seem happy at all

During an engagement interview, a journalist asked them, “Are you in love?” Diana answered, “Yes, of course, we are” and Charles turned around saying, “Whatever love means.” The Princess later said that this answer traumatized her. In the photo taken 3 months before the wedding, Diana is looking away from Charles, and it seems she’s going to cry soon.

A body language expert also draws attention to her stiff shoulders and Charles’ arms behind his back. “It’s as if these two already know their impending nuptials are a mistake, but they’re powerless to do anything about it.”

She even seriously considered cancelling the wedding

Princess Diana with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

The day before the wedding, the bride learned that her husband-to-be had given Camilla a gold bracelet with the initials “G” and “F”. According to rumors started by the TV series The Crown, these letters allegedly stood for the names “Gladys” and “Fred” — secret nicknames of Camilla and Charles.

However, according to other sources, Charles gave gifts to several of his former girlfriends. And the letters “G” and “F” on the bracelet for Camilla actually stood for “Girl Friday”, meaning a friend you can always count on. It was a nickname Charles had given Camilla a long time ago.

At one point, Lady Di questioned her decision to marry the prince, but her sisters convinced her that the wedding must take place. Diana later said that during the ceremony, she was looking for Camilla in the crowd, knowing that she would be there. Naturally, such a state of mind had no place in, what was meant to be, a happy moment.


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