15 Of The Worst Tourist Attractions Across The World, According To People’s Votes

According to Statista’s data, the number of international tourists traveling around the world last year almost reached a billion. Of course, this is not so much compared to the pre-pandemic 1.4 billion and more, but tourism is gradually recovering, and this is great. Today, if you have money and desire, you can go literally anywhere in the world, and the only question is picking a place.

And this is where various services like Tripadvisor, Booking and Google Maps come to the rescue with their reviews, rankings and so on, where almost every tourist venue has its own rating. Some of the world-famous attractions in these ratings justify their great fame, while others, on the contrary, look a tad bit overestimated. At least according to this study.


Hollywood Walk Of Fame, USA – 3.42/10

Hollywood Walk Of Fame, USA - 3.42/10One of Los Angeles’ major tourist magnets, over 2.5K copper stars are embedded in the sidewalk here, celebrating film and music legends, show business figures and iconic characters. Simply approach the very first of the stars and you are guaranteed to be stuck there for several hours. Even if you are not at all interested in music and cinema…

Stasher,Fabio Achilli


Taj Mahal, India – 3.83/10

Taj Mahal, India - 3.83/10A masterpiece of Indian architecture, the tomb of the wife of the ruler of the Mughal Empire, who died in childbirth. The inconsolable husband ordered a luxurious mausoleum to be built for his wife, and years later he was buried there, next to her. Today, the Taj Mahal attracts millions of tourists and pilgrims from different countries, and has become one of the most recognizable architectural silhouettes in the modern world.

Stasher,Christopher John SSF


Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, USA – 5.41/10

Disney's Magic Kingdom Park, USA - 5.41/10Disney’s second theme park located near Orlando, Florida. Opened in 1971, after the death of Walt Disney, however, it was planned and built according to his behests and ideas. The world-famous symbol of the park is Cinderella’s Palace. Throughout most of the 21st century, it has traditionally been the most visited theme park in the world.

Stasher,Paul Beattie


Everland, South Korea – 5.17/10

Everland, South Korea - 5.17/10The largest entertainment complex in Korea, located in the suburbs of Seoul. In addition to a variety of attractions, there is also a zoo and a water park. The resort is owned by Samsung Everland, which is part of the Samsung group.



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