Anti-Bucket List: 32 People Share The Most Disappointing Touristy Places They’ve Been To

Paris is a magical place. The smell of cigarettes and urine on the street creates the perfect ambiance for enjoying a croissant, and seeing the Mona Lisa through dozens of cell phone screens is exactly what every child dreams of. Times Square is just as enchanting, with hordes of Midwesterners pushing through to see screens of ads for Broadway musicals and people dressed up like Pikachu and Mario on the street…

While it’s inevitable for famous attractions to bring huge crowds, it’s important to have reasonable expectations when visiting some of the world’s most popular locations. So Reddit users have recently been sharing all about the “most disappointing, tourist infested” places they’ve ever been to. Keep reading to also find a conversation with travel expert King Siu of Solo Traveler, and be sure to upvote the replies you’ll keep in mind when planning your future travels!


Anti-Bucket List: 35 People Share The Most Disappointing Touristy Places They've Been To

My own city in the last 10 years. Amsterdam really took a nosedive. Lots of unique little shops disappeared in favor of approx. 10 million frozen yogurt/chocolate waffle stores. Tourists used to be a few chill, cheery groups interested in the city they were in – now they sometimes look like hordes of zombies hobbling from one tourist trap to the other. Painstakingly slowly, and of course taking up the whole sidewalk.

dreamy_25,Dim Hou


Anti-Bucket List: 35 People Share The Most Disappointing Touristy Places They've Been To

Times Square, NYC It’s just a bunch of screens. I’m not joking, that’s *it*. New York City is an amazing place, but please avoid this giant tourist distraction that offers nothing. Side note: and for those who want to see the Statue of Liberty, since you can’t go up in the crown anymore, the trip isn’t really worth the unbelievable line, imo. Just take the Staten Island ferry, and you’ll get close to the statue and pass at a leisurely pace. Then hop on the ferry back! Unless… you know, you want to hang out in Staten Island… which is entirely your prerogative, I mean… you do you!

Schneetmacher,Vlad Alexandru Popa


Anti-Bucket List: 35 People Share The Most Disappointing Touristy Places They've Been To

Egypt. So many scammers and thieves. Can’t check into a hotel without getting some miscellaneous upcharge. Can’t take a taxi without having 50 miles tacked on to the fare or driver goes in an incredibly roundabout way. Can’t report to the cops without paying a ~~bribe~~ fine for whatever fake penal code they make up. Then you go to the pyramids and its just a line full of more scammers. Fake tour guides, camel rides that will quote you a small charge, but end up charging you a ridiculous tab, miles of trinket shops, orphan pick pockets, the over population of tourist. Its just crazy. It’s one of the few tourist locations that if you visit, you better know a local or you will get scammed during your trip, multiple times.

WanderlustFella,Tim & Annette Gulick


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