“For Tomorrow”: I Returned To Japan After The Pandemic, Here’s What I Saw (23 Pics)

I’m Davide Sasso and after a long period of uncertainty and difficulty, the long-awaited day has finally arrived: my return to Japan after the COVID-19 pandemic. I am excited and at the same time a little anxious, but the desire to return to the land of the Rising Sun is stronger than any worries.

As soon as I step onto the plane, I feel a sense of hope and rebirth. The airport looks like a completely different place than the last time I saw it. The staff wear masks, there are thermometers to measure body temperature, and hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere. It is clear that Japan has taken the fight against the virus seriously.

Once out of the airport, I realize that some things have changed… Shops and restaurants have taken various precautions, such as reducing the number of seats and installing protective screens between tables. But despite these changes, Japan’s beauty and unique atmosphere are still intact.










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