16 Genius Everyday Life Hacks We Wish We Knew Sooner

Life hacks are supposed to make our lives easier. But sometimes, it’s quite hard to find really good ideas. Some tips and tricks from the Internet seem like nonsense at first. But once you try them, you just can’t understand how you ever lived without them.

If you don’t have double-sided tape, you can replace it with a band-aid.

In order to make double-sided tape from a bandaid, just roll it like in the picture above and stick it to the surface. You can connect broken toy parts or even hang a painting like this: you just need more band-aid pieces.

The author of this article has used this trick in art school and still uses it today.

If you have wobbly furniture, put a coin under the leg. Coins are solid, so this solution is more reliable.

You can eliminate the running water noise in the sink and the pipes using a car vibration isolator.

You can buy such an isolator in a car shop. You can use it to reduce the noise in a metal sink, bathtub, or pipes. Cut the material into strips, heat them a little with a hairdryer, and stick it to a clean surface. After that, press the material with something flat. The author of this article did it and this is the result.

We tried this life hack in a sink. Even a small piece of isolation reduced the noise, so now the water is not as loud as it used to be.

To cool food down faster, put the plates into the freezer before cooking.


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