10+ Attic Finds That Will Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Things come into fashion as fast as they go out of it today. In case you’re not ready to spend money on upgrading your style, there’s no problem at all. On the contrary, vintage items are making a comeback into modern fashion! You might wanna go and comb through the attic, and this checklist will help you find the best pieces to rock every day!

Let’s start out with sunglasses. In 2023, the most fashionable glasses are the ones that were fashionable a few decades ago. The 70s are calling! You can choose any retro frame and shape that you like. These can be oversized sunglasses, aviators, round sunglasses, you name it! Tinted lenses are cool too, and you can choose yellow, orange, and even red ones.

In case you fail to find the sunglasses of your dreams in the attic, you can find something like this online. I mean, these glasses are everything! Trendy metallic materials? Tick. Tinted lenses? Tick. Vintage-style frame? Tick. The good thing about modern glasses is that now they come with modern features like UV protection, polarized lenses, and scratch-resistant coatings.

I doubt if tie-dye ever went out of fashion, but today it’s trendier than ever. You might think tie-dye originated somewhere in America in the 60s, but it’s not truly so. It originated as far back as the 6th century, and it was popular back then in China and Japan. Today we use special textile dyes to create this quaint effect, but when tie-dye appeared people knew how to achieve those fancy washed-out designs with the help of berries, leaves, roots, and flowers.

All these natural ingredients were boiled and then the garments to be dyed were soaked in that hot and colorful water. As you see, the technique stayed pretty much the same, we only changed the colorants to make it easier. By the way, it got popular in the US way earlier than in the 60s! Tie-dye first rose in popularity around the 20s and 30s, as it was a cheap and efficient way to decorate homes and clothes.

Seems like the 21st century is the era of smartwatches, however, classic-style ones are trendy too! Fun fact here: the first wristwatch ever was actually worn by women and not men. And it was for a reason! Men’s fashion was all about a pocket watch some centuries ago, and the first wristwatch was marketed as a bracelet for women.

Today we’re free to wear whatever we want. Also, if you want to add a vintage touch to your look but don’t wanna miss out on technological advances, you can grab a watch like this. Some of the vintage-styles watches today have a bunch of extra functions, like fitness tracking and smartwatch connectivity.

Now let’s talk jeans and denim. They seem to be something truly American, but here’s the kicker: they were popularized in the US, but they originate from a totally different place. Actually, jeans are of mixed origins: they’re half Italian and half French. Jeans date back to 16th century Italy, and the word itself derives from the word “Genoese”. Back then, the Italian sailors from Genoa would wear tough twill trousers that would later convert into something we know as real jeans today.

As for fabric, it originates from 17th century France. Its original name is serge de Nîmes [ser-dj de neem], and it was a cotton twill cloth made of wool and silk. It surely changed over time, and in 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented the pants we still love today. To achieve a perfect jeans look in 2023, opt for a high waist, distressed details, and a faded wash.

Retro-style sneakers are trending now! Hey, but what’s the difference between vintage and retro? Well, vintage mostly refers to the actual age of an item — it should be at least 20 years old, and retro pieces don’t necessarily have to be old, they can simply imitate some era from the past.

So, sneakers from the 80s and 90s are back in style, with chunky soles, bright colors, and bold logos. Many of these styles are being re-released by popular brands, with modern updates like cushioned insoles and breathable materials. This way, you can profit both from the cool old design and cool modern technologies.

Even the smallest details can completely change your look. So, if you aren’t ready to try on something truly vintage, you can adjust to a new look step by step. Start with socks! Retro-style sneakers are on top now, and so are statement socks. Choose the color that best matches your favorite pair of shoes, and you’re good to go!

Another tiny detail that can help you upgrade your look is a chain belt. It’s up to you how you wanna drape your belt: you can place it on your hips or your waist.


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