25 Simple Home Tips Make You Happier and Productive

Having the right temperature in your home will drastically improve your mood! Too hot, you’ll become irritable and frustrated. Too cold, and the chances are that you’ll be too demotivated and sluggish.

Set that temperature to 77°F to make sure you feel good throughout the day. At night, we work better with slightly lower temperatures. 60-67°F is the perfect temperature to get that much-needed rest!

As good-looking as you are, staring at yourself in the mirror for too long can cause a lot of stress! Do you find that you focus on various body flaws—no matter how small and constantly check your reflection in the mirror? (Unless you’re a vampire.) You could replace it with a smaller one that could stop you from gazing at yourself for too long. Get organized and spend a few minutes of your leisure time organizing your surroundings. Taking 5 minutes to work on 1 area of your house, like decluttering that desk, and you’ll be surprised at how much your quality of life will increase!

Your clean surroundings will give you peace of mind, and cleaning itself will help you develop healthy habits. These habits can make sure you feel in control of your actions and the direction of your life. Procrastination can be a slippery slope. Once it starts, it’s hard to break out. An easy start is to create a list of all the things that you’ve been avoiding. Then, commit to spending just a few minutes doing one of those things. Even if you don’t complete it, this is a fantastic way to move forward. Before long, you’ll feel better just by crossing things off that list!

Wear your favorite outfit every once in a while, even if you’re not going anywhere! Putting on some of your best clothes will make you feel good about yourself instantly. There’s no need for a special occasion; make yourself feel happier now! You could even head out to lunch or take a trip to the mall in them. Now, everything has a place in your home. If it doesn’t, why is it there? If you’ve taken it out, put it back. If you’ve opened it, close it! If you’ve put it down, pick it up. If you’ve taken it off, hang it back up!

Live by these simple rules, and you’ll see a profound difference in your home! Everything will be tidier, and you’ll reduce your chores by doing small things before they become a bigger problem. Use or gift any items that are for special occasions! They’re just using up space! If you’ve got a special perfume that’s been sitting there unused or a set of beautiful dishes collecting dust in a box, you’re putting off life! Enjoying it right now, in the moment, is more precious than we think. Take the chance and use those things now! If it isn’t too well-used, you could even give it to a friend or family member to make their day.


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