20+ Hotels That Try Not Only to Accommodate Guests but Also to Make an Indelible Impression

With more than 700,000 hotels accounted for globally, the hotel industry is estimated to be making a bit more than $950 billion. Underpinning this success is generating positive user experiences, but this is not always the case. While apps can now be used to view the services offered by hotels, many people can be surprised when they arrive at where they’re staying.

1. “The hotel I’m staying at has a tiny door that says, ’John Malkovich.’”

2. A jacuzzi that fills through the ceiling

3. “Had the most perfect croissant at a hotel in Paris.”

4. The shower heads in a “4-star hotel”

  • This is the flaw in hotel ratings — it’s based on amenities, room size, and the distance to tourist destinations and restaurants, not how clean it is; and when it isn’t clean, they just find out and clean a room for them. © dabbadoobiedoo / Reddit


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