20+ Unlucky Moments That Made People Ask, “Why Me?”

No one is immune to having bad days. Whether it’s the result of poor choices or just pure, tough luck, mishaps are bound to happen. And the people on this list bravely shared some of their unfortunate situations, which could serve as lessons — or as a source of giggles — for everyone.

1. “I’m a beginner beekeeper, and I am told that a sting to the face is a rite of passage. So I have that going for me.”

2. “The one time the toner burst at work while switching it out. You can see where I was at that exact moment.”

3. “In the middle of the night, I apparently thought this was my earbuds’ case.”

Some people also have their own special relationship with technology.

4. “Got a new job where I have to wear a uniform and gloves while working outside, now I look like this.”


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